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Mar 27, 2011 9:00am EDT
president is injecting us into a civil war that will cost billns odollars. >> t the first anniversary of the health-care law. >> that looks worsehan it then and it is sayingomething. >> i may b 5'2" and wearing yellow suit but i am one tough lady. >> the people take back our gornme. >> what is going on at reagan national airport? the towower is apparently not manned. captioneby t nation captioningng institute --wwwww.ncicicap.orgrg-- >> they are not exactly 10 pen pals, but house speaker john boeer this week wrote a letter to president obama. he has questions he said, about the american role in libya, our strategy there, the cost, gaddafi, whether he stays in the. all these concerns point to a fundamental question -- what is our benchmark for success in libya? how do you think the president woululd ask t >> -- answer that evan? >> i wish he would telll us. he doesn't have an answer. basically, our policies to get rid d of gaddafi because if we don't, he could a attack the united states. this is a scary crazyzy guy. i worry about domestitic terrorism if we don't get rid of him. obama has
Mar 6, 2011 9:00am EST
that makes you want toto recommend extra-legal remedies. we used to call that a possee or something. not recommending it. i say it wistfully. but therere areo ways legally in this kind of republican that we have to do anything other than whathe court had decided. and i wish it would apply in other corners of american society, because it is not awar >> extralegal remedies -- >> i did not think necsarily the doctor is recommending that. the blood b boils -- the blood does boil. >> what you have to ununderstand about the westboro baptist church is they are very shrewd. they don't believe in civil disobedience but they do believe in publicity. they always alert authorities in advavance. they do exactly what they are told. they stand where they are supposed to. they actually fold up the tent before the fununeral actual begins. but the alertining authorities also brings ermous publicity. >> iacts to show you how lenient and tolerant we are in granting protection, the chuh protection for groups. this is obviously a cult of t cases but almost anybody can get a group of nutcakes and problems
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2